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SVN QNS (seven queens) is a female directing duo made up of Nicol Biesek & Dri Sommer. We are not biological sisters, but only as far as we know.


Driven by our dancer & athlete backgrounds, everything we create builds on the fundamentals of movement and energetic flow. Bursting with color, our work is people-centric and stylized, exploring the bold, bright and down right dazzling. 

Whether it's a fresh new music video or striking branded content, we bring a curious and open approach to the creative process that celebrates human stories with all its quirks and nuances, transporting the viewer to vibrant worlds and fresh perspectives.


NICOL - born and raised in Los Angeles grew up a devoted athlete. Playing basketball through college, she found herself thriving in a team setting, and always dreamed of being able to dunk. She was excited to discover this energy translated perfectly into a creative partnership. Her technical skillset as a photographer, attention to detail, understanding of light, and ability to gracefully command a room is unmatched. She received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco (2015) and has not put down the camera since. Wether shooting stills or directing motion, she loves to find herself at the center of creative challenge. 

DRI - born and raised in Brasil, kicked off her career as a DP at Within, an Immersive Experience Studio. In 2020, Dri pivoted towards directing by co-founding  SVN QNS. With 10 years of on-set experience, Dri doesn't confine herself to the directing chair -- she's a working editor and cinematographer who believes the process is as beautiful as the outcome. A filmmaker by day, salsa dancer by night, her friends have crowned her as an obsessive hobbyist for spending most of her free time exploring the exhilarating world of Latin dancing in Los Angeles. 

Some of our clients include Google Pixel, Rolling Stone, Vans, Nutrilite, Dominos, Amazon, The Sims, Blizzard Entertainment, Billboard, and Variety.

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